The cart is missing…

We were planning on moving our golf cart from campus to our project headquarters, my house, bright and early tomorrow morning due to the fact that the school would find a place for it if we didn’t.  According to a nice reminder left on the cart by campus officials, we had until the 19th of this month to go ahead and transport it.  That being said, we thought we were on the ball by beating their deadline by more than two weeks.

Its 9 o’clock now and I get a call from Stephen saying the cart is gone.  So instead spending tomorrow transporting the cart, we get to run around campus looking for it.  This is the last thing we need, and were all pretty frustrated, but no one said that this project was gonna be easy. Hopefully tomorrow we can get this little obstacle taken care of.  Wish us luck because right now we feel we’re in short of it.  I’ll let you guys know how tomorrow goes. Good night.


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