Completed Second Round of Testing Today

For the past two days, we worked on testing fuel economy improvements with the kit installed in the golf cart. We repeated all the tests that were carried out during the first round of testing; this includes distance traveled while driving at top speed, reduced speed, and stop and go driving. We also introduced a new test in which we accelerated to top speed, cruised for 30 seconds, came to a stop, and repeated until we used the metered amount of fuel. We believed this test would reveal larger gains than the regular stop and go test and would be much less stressful on the golf cart. These tests were completed for both gas only mode and hybrid mode. Finally, we wanted to test the range of the electric only option. For this test, we drove the golf cart until 50% of the total battery capacity was consumed. This was determined by using our in-dash state of charge indicator.

We calculated our new fuel economy and we’re satisfied with our results; we exceeded our required fuel economy improvement quite significantly. We also discovered that the electric only range we obtained was only 6% off from our estimate.



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